BUC.io the perfect short app and project domain

If you have been looking for a short domain that falls into the category of memorable and easy to read BUC.io is it.

The exclusive 6-day auction for buc.io is right here

Recent purchases of aftermarket .io domains show that the trend is your friend. Three months it ago it was common to buy these for $200 now they are going for nearly double that number. With extremely limited inventory, pronounceable is the ticket to a higher return.

B.U.C –

Buy Under Contract

Buy Under Construction

Branded User Content

Build User Content

The business uses for this one are endless and of course as it sits it’s memorable.

Anything under $850 is a great investment on this domain.

A smart domain buy in TrackingSoftware.com

I would love to own this domain. It’s straight to the point in a field that is expansive and constantly growing. It doesn’t get any better from a ‘going in with value’ standpoint.


Short domains with appreciation potential

I like this short and Valuable list.

  • BQ.net – Two letter .net is rarer than three letter .com and with the market the way it is this will only go higher with time.
  • PQI.com – Again scarcity reigns supreme. 17,800 or so LLL.com possible and this one is for sale.
  • 6750.com – Short memorable and there is only 10,998 possible NNNN.com combinations.  That makes these domains exceedingly rare and this a sure-fire long-term winner.

Top Chinese Domains to Invest In and One Three Letter .com

Things have been consistent and the demand from China for short, memorable, domains are not slowing down at all.

Scoured the auctions and here are some of the top offerings ending this week:

  • EQV.com – Three letter .com will go for around 65-70K on the wholesale market but would be worth a multiple of that as any kind of site. I’m thinking evaluations.
  • SPSP.com – Four letters, all Chinese premium and repeating. This is an excellent, rare, buy and hold for a nice return down the road.
  • WWTT.com – Four letter, all Chinese premium and double-double. Again and excellent and rare opportunity to make a really nice return holding a domain.
  • TDMZ.com – Four letter, Chinese premium, and has special meaning. These tend to be a competitive group because they have business use in China. This probably also gets traffic from fat finger type-ins of TMZ.com

I’ll find more Chinese deal domains and post them tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Closeout buys I would grab. December 21st

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted some value priced domains worth of your investment dollars. Here’s a solid pre-Christmas list for your portfolio:

  • PintSizePoodles.com – You know all your local socialites love mini dogs. The kind they can stuff in their purse. This one is a ‘perfect fit’, pun intended. Ten years old and nice traffic.
  • VarietyContractors.com – A nice big $420 appraisal and 11 years of age. I am sure a contractors directory would do nice or a business called “Variety Contractors” google turned up several.
  • Squasi.com – Short, Brandbucket worthy and $190 wholesale appraisal to boot. Grab it!
  • PolygamyStore.com – This is just funny. I would theme it for Polygamy and put shirts, mugs, Hijabs! Hehe
  • CreditCardLogins.com – Just like it says. Put a list of login locations for credit card companies and at the same time capture some of that massive CPC revenue from this vertical.
  • PeakGrille.com – Restaurant located on a peak or  possibly a barbeque grille store. Either way, it’s aged, and grabbing nice traffic.
  • BoredMania.com – This is your destination from funny, random, time wasting click bait. These sites do really well with a little bit of elbow grease.
  • LargeVia.com – 8 years old, a twist on “Living Large” for the spanglish market. (The largest growth segement of the US economy.)
  • SeeTopic.net – Interesting, short and aged. It gets traffic so throw up a trending topics site and collect your riches.
  • EasyOrgSites.com – This is money for a site maker utility or a web design firm focused on organziations. I know at least one company pulling in 7 figures in this niche.
  • StrippedGirls.com – At 15 years old this one is almost .. Never mind. Great domain for the webs biggest market. I see a blog or a business in this one. Steal for the age.
  • AsiaPictorial.com – I would make this a visual travel aid for Asia. It’s one of the most popular Western travel destinations.
  • RussianDashCamVideos.com – Some of the most entertaining reality videos online today are Russian dash cams.

Four letter .net domains for your portfolio

It’s no secret the short domain market is alive and well. With all of the top extensions staying extremely liquid these domains are great for buy-and-hold scenarios and end user development. Here is a small chunk of four letter .net domains that would make a great addition to your portfolio. These are being auctioned cheap over at Namepros:



The best closeout domains to buy December 15th, 2015

Today’s list is full of great domains with high appraisals. These names are good for both development and resale to end business users.

  • KnowledgeFlip.com – Gets great traffic and would work as a platform trading information for credits? Or just as a real estate blog.
  • Goldfxc.com – I think of a good exchange site. Has the age and a $310 appraisal. Not to mention huge recent “gold” domain sales.
  • TechSearch.org – A nice $100 appraisal and easy use for a staffing company or a technology website. I like a community on this one.
  • PowTow.com – Two words and 8 years old. A great name for a towing company.
  • TrendingReads.com – Just as the name suggests this could be a “trending” news site. This could easily be automated.
  • DopeTags.com – Good domain for an urban clothing company or a jewelry e-commerce site that sells dog tags.
  • SoopSip.com – Three years old and has a nice ring to it for a gossip blog or a cafe.
  • BiopharmaInc.com – Appraises really nice at $450 and an enormous market.
  • NylonShop.org – Another exact match keyword domain that gets search and would get love as a .org. Appraised at $140.
  • Sporalie.com – A decade old domain getting decent traffic and brandable.
  • GamerForge.net – Twelve years old, gets traffic and gaming sites pull some amazing RPM’s from the big G and other advertisers.
  • MegaFactoryOutlet.com – This appraised at $450. The commercial uses are self-explanatory and the domain is already over 3 years old.
  • NewLookUSA.com – This one appraised at $1,000! Also an amazing name for a clothing store. I am on a run with apparel today.
  • FriendlySubs.com – This is a perfect domain for a sub shop or franchise.