Top Chinese Domains to Invest In and One Three Letter .com

nice domains for a nice return

Things have been consistent and the demand from China for short, memorable, domains are not slowing down at all.

Scoured the auctions and here are some of the top offerings ending this week:

  • – Three letter .com will go for around 65-70K on the wholesale market but would be worth a multiple of that as any kind of site. I’m thinking evaluations.
  • – Four letters, all Chinese premium and repeating. This is an excellent, rare, buy and hold for a nice return down the road.
  • – Four letter, all Chinese premium and double-double. Again and excellent and rare opportunity to make a really nice return holding a domain.
  • – Four letter, Chinese premium, and has special meaning. These tend to be a competitive group because they have business use in China. This probably also gets traffic from fat finger type-ins of

I’ll find more Chinese deal domains and post them tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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